Talk Series - Talk 3

Talk Series - Talk 3

Internet of Things; Concurrency and Anti-Patterns


Mark is an architect on the Microsoft Azure engineering team, and lead of the Patterns and Practices group. He works with customers building out the largest and most challenging applications and services on Azure, then turning those experiences into best practices and guidance at Microsoft patterns & practices. Prior to joining Microsoft, Mark worked on a broad range of software project and platforms, from embedded digital design, seismic visualization optimization, through live site operations for a SaaS platform.


From cars, to thermostats, through media players and embedded controllers, devices are being connected to the Internet at a furious pace. To share information, publish telemetry, provide global visibility, or just to have someone to talk to, backing services need to connect devices and information at a massive scale. This session will discuss and demonstrate common anti-patterns and detailed examples from large scale customer deployments (1M+ devices), illustrating the impact of engineering choices around concurrency in large-scale distributed systems.

Mark giving his talk