CTS-NL Meetups Resume


In the middle of March 2020, and well over two years ago, the global COVID-19 pandemic finally made its way to the province, and we put our in-person weekly meetups on hold. Up to this point, we held our meetups almost every week for 6 years, initially moving between various coffee shops and bars, and eventually settling with the Jumping Bean on Elizabeth Avenue.

As we move out of the pandemic, we have finally been able to restart our weekly meetups, after the two-year hiatus. We have also moved location, to the Element Coffee Bar and Lounge on Topsail Road, near The Village Mall. The meetups will run every Thursday and start at 7pm and usually end around 10pm. Drop by anytime, hangout, and chat with the rest of the community and a laptop is highly encouraged.

While we are hopefully past the worst of the pandemic, we are not completely in the clear. As such, everyone has their own level of acceptable risk, so as we start back to in-person meetings, we ask you to respect the choices of others regarding the pandemic. Element does not have any explicit additional measures, however if you are feeling sick, please do not attend. As always, all who attend are expected to follow our Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions about the event, or the venue, please join our Slack Group or use our Contact Us form.

We look forward to finally meeting new people in person!